Can You Have Tinnitus In A Deaf Ear?

If you are unaware of what tinnitus is, many people refer to it as “ringing in the ears.” That is the simple definition of tinnitus because it’s not always a ringing but it is some kind of noise that no one else can hear. Some people may be wondering: Can you have Tinnitus in a deaf ear?

The answer may surprise you because it is possible to be deaf and suffer from tinnitus. It actually is worse if you are deaf because the normal strategies people use to deal with tinnitus will not work for you. However, it would be a lie to say there is nothing you can do if you suffer from tinnitus and happen to be deaf. Some of the strategies that will be discussed in detail below are:

See A Doctor Specializing In Hearing Issues

earThe first thing you would want to do is get an appointment with a doctor who has experience with these cases. There are multiple ways a doctor could help you. There are different treatments where a doctor can get back your ability to hear. The doctor may only be able to recover a portion of your hearing if he can’t get you to hear everything. There are also exams to see if tinnitus caused you to lose your hearing since that is a possibility. The next step would be getting a hearing aid.

Using A Hearing Aid

You are probably asking: How can a hearing aid help if I can’t hear anything? The hearing aid may not decrease the volume that is disrupting your day but a hearing aid can increase the volume of the sounds that you want to hear. A hearing aid can also help because instead of hearing a high pitched ringing, you can have the hearing aid play a less disturbing noise. The more this occurs, the more likely you won’t notice the disturbing sound over time. It all depends on why you can’t hear in the first place which is the reason you need to see a doctor.

Try To Relax

When you have to deal with tinnitus, finding ways to relax will be vital when it comes to dealing with tinnitus. When the sound in your ears is at it’s loudest, you want to try and rest to the best of your ability. The more you rest, the less of an impact that mental stress will have. If you aren’t sure how to rest,, there are a few suggestions below.

Relax In A Tub With Warm Water

If you’re in physical pain then warm water could help you rest. It’s the reason a hot shower feels so good. If you only have a shower stall then close the door to your bathroom and let the hot water run so your bathroom fills up with heat. This will help you relax especially if you bring something to read or just enjoy the atmosphere.

Get a Massage

Massages will help anyone rest and relieve pressure from their bodies. If you go to get a professional massage, you will need an appointment and it will cost a lot of money. However, if you still want a massage, you can administer one to yourself.

Rest By Using Breathing Techniques

When you are trying to get rid of stress, there are breathing techniques that will help. If you are using it so your tinnitus has less of an impact, then it has to be something that won’t take too long, that you can do any place, and it must neutralize the effect of tinnitus right away. There are many different breathing exercises you can try but it has to be an exercise that won’t look weird if you try to do it in public.

Get Rid of Anything That Could Make Your Tinnitus Worse

When you are dealing with tinnitus, you don’t want to deal with anything that will make the ringing in your ears worse. Unfortunately what could make your tinnitus worse could be different from the case of another patient. To find out what will make it worse, keep track when your tinnitus is at it’s loudest and you will recognize similarities on days where your tinnitus was at it’s worse.

Hopefully, you could put these techniques to use if you suffer from tinnitus and deaf. Do you know of a strategy that wasn’t discussed above? If you are deaf and suffer from tinnitus, I hope one of these strategies work for you.

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