Ear Ringing Causes and Cures

Ear ringing – an annoying noise such as a whistling or buzzing in your ears – is surprisingly common. It affects around 1 in every 5 people to some extent. Here are some of the common ear ringing causes and some ideas to help you reduce or eliminate them.

Hearing loss (deafness)

It sounds counter intuitive that as your hearing deteriorates your body introduces new noises. Almost as though it’s trying to compensate for the problem.

ear ringingDoctors will usually recommend that you have a hearing aid if your deafness is too much for you to hear other people when they speak. They’ll also check that your problem isn’t caused by a build up of ear wax or other preventable issue. So if you suspect that your ear ringing has been brought on by hearing loss, a trip to your doctor is in order.

Noise induced hearing loss

Too much loud music is often the root cause of this. This could be standing too close to the speakers too often at rock concerts or, nowadays, just as likely is turning your MP3 player up too loud. If the person sitting next to you can identify the track then it’s definitely too loud!

This also explains why your ears may be buzzing the morning after a concert but this is usually temporary.

Other causes of ear ringing

Wikipedia lists lots of different possible causes of ear ringing. So if you’re a hypochondriac it’s well worth avoiding that page.

Some of the most common other causes of ear ringing include reaction to medicines (consult with your doctor if you suspect that to be the case), ear infections, head injuries, vitamin deficiency, anxiety and depression.

If you’ve been through the “usual suspects” but still suffer from ear ringing then it’s time to investigate natural holistic solutions to your tinnitus.

Curing or reducing your ear ringing is far and away the best solution. There are no drugs to remember to take, it doesn’t involve surgery there are no therapy sessions or anything else that’s potentially nasty.

The success rate for natural ear ringing cures is surprisingly high – you owe it to yourself to at least investigate the idea and stand a good chance of reducing your ear ringing to a tolerable level.

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