How to Stop Ringing in Your Ears at Night

About 15% of the world’s population suffers from ringing in their ears at night.This problem is medically called tinnitus. It can happen that the ringing disturbs the left ear one night and then the ringing disturbs the right ear the next night. This problem can have several causes: the person may have suffered an acoustic trauma (a very loud noise such as explosions), some medications, aging, or excessive earwax.

Whatever the cause, this problem is very annoying and people wonder: how to stop ringing in ears at night ? The truth is that several measures can be taken to eliminate ringing in the ears, although there is not yet a definitive cure for this problem. Here are the best ideas for relieving ringing in your ears:

If you go to a nightclub, a rock concert or attend a fireworks show or any other event that is very loud, it is recommended that you put cotton wool in your ears so that the sounds do not hurt your hearing. It’s not a matter of limiting your fun, but it’s a good idea to protect your ears. It is important that you take care of your hearing from a young age, as hearing problems get worse over time.

Avoid alcohol as much as possible, as it increases the blood flow to your ears and makes the ringing worse. Drinking a lot of coffee also makes this problem worse, so try to drink this infusion moderately. Don’t drink coffee after 8pm Incredibly, smoking also intensifies the ringing in your ears, so you have a new reason to stop smoking.

mindfulnessThe intensity of the ringing in your ears can be reduced with mindfulness techniques. Mindfulness is a meditation technique that consists of paying full attention to what you are doing, without judging the experience.All meditation techniques solve emotional problems, since through the relaxation they produce, they eliminate the extreme tension suffered by those who suffer from ringing in the ears.

Electro stimulation of the inner ear: is a technique that regenerates damaged inner ear cells through radio frequency. This alternative significantly reduces the ringing in the ear and even eliminates it completely.

Avoiding stress: Incredible as it may seem, living in highly stressful situations can produce ringing in the ears. This is because the body reacts negatively to states of extreme nervousness or anxiety. To treat these problems it is convenient to resort to relaxation techniques so that you can see the problems from a new perspective, with a more positive vision.

Alternative therapies: sometimes the ringing in the ears is caused by problems in the cervical area. In that case, manual therapies such as chiropractic and osteopathy can unblock this area and thus eliminate the ringing in the ears. Many times ear problems are not generated in the ears, but in other parts of the body. Therefore, even if you feel this discomfort in your ears, you should pay attention to your whole body, because somewhere in your body this problem originated.

Cultivate a good rest through a healthy diet. During the night our body secretes melatonin, the hormone responsible for good sleep. If we are emotionally unbalanced, we cannot secrete all the melatonin necessary for proper rest. That is why it is necessary to follow a healthy diet, which allows us to sleep all night. There are foods that reduce nervous tension during the night: oats, cereals, carrots, bananas, celery and beets, among others.

You should consult an otolaryngologist, who specializes in ears, nose and throat. Many times the ringing in the ears is the first symptom of hearing. Therefore, the sooner you make the consultation, the better. He can study your case and if necessary refer you to an audiologist, a doctor who specializes exclusively in hearing.

Tinnitus or ringing in your ears is a very annoying problem and the sooner it is treated the better, as it can be the beginning of hearing loss. In the meantime, healthy measures can be taken to alleviate this discomfort until a definitive solution can be found. Remember to take care of your mental health too, as emotional problems can also cause tinnitus. When you feel stressed, try to relax, so you can see your problems from a new and positive perspective.

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