How to Treat Tinnitus

Tinnitus is usually experienced as a whistling or ringing sound in your ears. Sometimes it’s a humming noise, sometimes it’s a buzzing. Some people suffer from tinnitus all the time, others only experience the problem every now and then. But it’s always annoying when it does arrive. So is there a way that you can treat your tinnitus without having to resort to drugs or surgery?

The good news is that the answer to that question is a resounding “yes”.

ear lobeStart by making sure that your ears are protected from loud noises. Music is often the culprit here as it’s very easy to turn up the sound levels to block out background noise from cars and things like that. Trouble is, we don’t always realize just how high we’ve pumped up the volume and by the time we do, it’s too late.

Then, when you do get strange noises in your ears, the temptation is to stick your finger or a cotton bud into your ear in an effort to delve around and get rid of the cause of those weird sounds. Be careful if you’re doing this – our ears are delicate things. If you’ve got a build up of wax, some ear drops could be the answer. Or you may have to visit your local doctor to have your ears syringed out by the nurse – always good for a day or two of Superman style hearing!

If you’ve just taken a pill such as an Aspirin or something your doctor prescribed, then that could be the cause of your problem. Get out that magnifying glass and start reading the small print to see what scary problems can be caused by whatever you’ve just digested – it’s all too common for tinnitus to be one of the side effects.

You may find that listening to a CD of natural sounds helps reduce your tinnitus symptoms. These are readily available on the web and may feature rainfall, waves crashing onto a beach, birdsong, a babbling brook or even the sound of a camp fire crackling away. This distraction may help you get to sleep if you play it in the background last thing at night.

Check your diet. Sure, those burgers and fries taste nice but they shouldn’t be the only thing in your food intake! Cut down on the sugar in your diet, increase those green leaves and think hard about wheat and peanuts as these can make your condition worse.

Make sure your vitamin and mineral consumption is OK. If you think your diet may be deficient in these important trace elements, taking a vitamin pill every day could be the solution you’re looking for.