Quick, Natural Ideas For How To Reduce Tinnitus

If you’re unlucky enough to suffer from a constant or semi-constant buzzing, whistling or ringing sound in your ears then I sympathize with you. I’ve suffered from tinnitus near enough all my life although luckily for me not as badly as my mother does. So the question is “how to reduce tinnitus” without having to resort to drugs or surgery?

The first thing to do is to observe how your condition reacts to small changes in your lifestyle. Oftentimes, things such as your alcohol consumption, smoking and caffeine can affect those sounds in your ears.

musical headWhilst it’s probably too much to expect you to cut these small pleasures out of your life completely, it could be time to cut them down. Try one at a time and gradually reduce your intake. If it’s alcohol, alternate between one glass of alcohol and a soft drink. You’ll still enjoy the evening and your liver may also appreciate the time for recovery. The same goes for coffee and other caffeinated drinks. There are lots of alternatives on the grocery shelves nowadays and you should be able to find something that gives you the same kind of satisfaction but with a lower caffeine quota. With cigarettes you can move to a milder brand which may help but again just cutting down could be all that you need to do.

With each of these moves, keep a diary so that you’re not fooling yourself about their effectiveness. Whilst you can’t get a decibel meter to find out how loud the noises are, you’ll be able to rate your ear noises on a 1 to 10 scale. Do this on a regular basis and if you find that one of the cutting down measures helps, continue with it!

Another simple but effective way to reduce tinnitus is to exercise. This doesn’t mean you have to turn into a gym rat – just take more exercise during the day. Park a bit further away when you go shopping, take the stairs rather than the elevator, that kind of thing. It all helps.

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