Tinnitus Home Remedies

Tinnitus is, at best, annoying. You get back home expecting to have some peace and quiet and to be able to relax. But instead there’s no such thing. Sure, there are still the everyday sounds of birds singing and the wind rustling the leaves in the trees. But all that is drowned out by the constant ringing, buzzing or humming in your ears. Sometimes it even amplifies your heart beats, which is good in the sense that it means you’re still alive but bad in the sense that it’s not really the kind of noise you want to listen to all the time.

If you’re lucky, your tinnitus is only temporary and will go away with a few drugs prescribed by your doctor or a natural tinnitus remedy bought from your local drug store or over the internet.

loud noiseJust how you got tinnitus originally could be down to a number of different factors:

  • If you’ve been exposed to constant, loud noise this can be a cause. The first suspect is your iPod or MP3 player but it could just as easily be a nearby construction site or planes taking off or loud cars racing down the street.
  • Your diet may be to blame. You need a varied diet to keep you healthy – you don’t have to go overboard, just don’t make your diet totally dependent on fast food and fizzy drinks.
  • Earwax can build up in your ears. This varies from person to person – mine seem to need to be syringed out about every 5 years or so but other people get away with using ear drops
  • An ear infection can also be the cause of your tinnitus. If you’ve had a sudden onset of noises in your ears then it’s best to get them checked by a professional
  • A head trauma is a more severe cause of tinnitus and you’d likely know if you’ve banged your head recently. Again, if symptoms persist the usual advice of checking with your doctor should go without saying
  • Some drugs have tinnitus as a side effect – check the small print on anything you’re taking if you suspect this and chat with your doctor to see whether there are alternatives

Tinnitus can range from mild, intermittent and bearable to a persistent noise that seemingly won’t ever go away while you’re still alive. It’s rare for it not to be accompanied by hearing loss and in some cases it can be so loud that it stops you getting to sleep at night.

Here are some possible natural cures for your tinnitus:

  • Take off your headphones! Give your ears a rest from loud music. If you’ve been a decibel addict, this may be enough  to get rid of your tinnitus symptoms.
  • Eat a more balanced diet. Maybe consider taking a vitamin pill as well so that you know that all the important minerals and vitamins are being given to your body
  • Chill out a bit more. Reducing the stresses and strains of modern day life can be great anyway but will often have the side effect of reducing your tinnitus symptoms.